Funfetti’s Winter Cake Mix Will Get You Through This Holiday Season—We Promise

Funfetti is an appropriate cake option all year round but there’s something about a seasonal color way that makes it taste that much better. While Christmas-themed goodies are popping up on shelves all over the place already, we haven’t seen many generic winter items, but Funfetti is changing that with their winter collection.
The Funfetti winter vanilla cake and cupcake mix will come in the same boxes as is typical, but with snowflake imagery on the front. The vanilla cake mix will include blue, green, and yellow candy bits in every bite. Of course a Funfetti cake wouldn’t be the same without the matching icing, so there will also be a light blue icing that comes with snowflake white, gold, and blue sprinkles to add on top.

Pillsbury Funfetti Winter Cake Mix
You’ll be able to find these seasonal offerings wherever you usually buy Funfetti products, which includes most mainstream retailers. Since these items are winter-themed, that means they’ll only be on shelves for the season. But because the boxes are not pinned down to one holiday it’s likely they’ll be around all winter even after the holiday season.
If you do want something a little bit more festive, Funfetti also makes a Christmas cake mix that comes with vanilla mix with red and green candy bits inside. You can top that off with green icing and the green, red, and snowflake sprinkles as well. You can never go wrong with Funfetti, so get creative with it!

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