Hiding Snacks From Your Kids? You’re Not the Only One

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It goes without saying that 2020 hasn’t been an easy year for parents. On top of all the fear, boredom, and general despair that everyone’s dealt with, the pandemic has forced parents to become teaching assistants and contend with cooped-up, hyperactive kids, all while (hopefully but certainly not always) still holding their jobs.

So with that in mind, it’s hard to blame them for wanting to hoard snacks and hide them from their hungry kids. And according to a survey of 1,000 parents conducted by Swedish cracked company Wasa, that seems to be exactly what parents have been up to.

As part of a broader survey about shifting snack habits, the study found that parents are definitely snacking on the sly, if only to have some moment of the day that’s just for them. Eighty-five percent of parents said snacking in front of their kids would mean that they’ll want some too, which is obviously an intolerable state of affairs.

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That explains why 79% of parents surveyed admit to hiding or disguising a snack to keep their kid from eating it. Some hiding places you might remember from your own childhood are obvious: a majority (51%) of snack hiders opt for the top shelf, out of sight and reach of kids. Less common spots are the bedroom (48%), and the car (28%), but the 21% of parents who disguise their snacks as another food item truly deserve credit for their devious ways.

When everyone’s at home together all the time, you can’t blame parents for wanting to keep something for themselves. Hopefully this isn’t breeding a generation of kids who distrust their parents after finding some hidden Oreos, but I suppose there are at least less tasty ways to find out that the adults in your life aren’t the perfect and infallible people you once thought them to be.


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