How One Woman Lost 58 Pounds and Managed Her Diabetes

Shana Adams was 23 years old when she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Her family has a history of the disease and Adams recalls she was scared to death when she found out she had it too. Adams’ diagnosis prompted her to lose 60 pounds, which she maintained for three years, but she eventually reverted back to her old eating habits.

Adams regained the weight she worked so hard to lose by eating mostly highly processed foods like pizza and ice cream. She said she could drink a whole quart of Minute Maid lemonade in one sitting.

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This high-sugar and refined carbohydrate diet was wreaking havoc on her blood sugar, but it wasn’t until she wanted to start a family that Adams realized she needed to make a change once and for all. Once it became less about dieting and more of a lifestyle choice, Adams realized she really could lose the weight for good.

Adams said she had to take her weight loss journey day-by-day for the first month or so until she adjusted to her new way of living. She put her scale in the closet and ditched white carbs like bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes for 30 days.

Adams also learned how to read nutrition labels on food products, replaced soda with water, prioritized getting more vegetables on her plate every day. She also began exercising for 30 minutes, four times per week. Adams says educating herself about healthy options in the grocery store was a vital part of her weight loss journey.

“It’s a lot easier than you’d imagine,” Adams said. “If you don’t buy crappy food, you won’t eat it.”

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Once Adams adjusted to the new lifestyle changes, she felt comfortable increasing her workouts to five or six times a week and says she now has much more energy.

Adams has also made strides in achieving balance in her diet. She still eats pizza, but only once a week, and instead focuses on consuming lean meats, fish, and lots of green veggies. Adams essentially eats a modified keto diet and consumes about 1900 Calories per day.

Besides reducing her sugar and carbohydrate intake, Adams credits intermittent fasting to major improvements in her blood sugar levels. She eats within an eight-hour window, breaking her fast around 10 a.m. and beginning her last meal around 5 p.m.

“I ultimately want to be 175 pounds and have control of my diabetes through food alone,” Adams said. “This is definitely a lifestyle change, and I will be continuing it beyond my goal.”


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