Keeping Your Plants Alive Just Got a Whole Lot Easier With This Genius App

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Indoor plants boast plenty of benefits for both your home's interior and your overall health (hello, reduced blood pressure and improved concentration). But for all of the good that a dose of greenery brings, remembering when to water your indoor plants is a challenge all plant parents likely struggle with.

Staying on top of a regular watering schedule requires earnest effort in the form of incessant iPhone reminders—that is, until we got wind of Happy Plant, a handy app that takes the guesswork out of green thumbs. Designed to ensure your most beloved houseplants never get thirsty, the app reminds you to water your greens according to their unique watering schedules. Basically, it's a household hero even the most skilled gardeners could benefit from.

Whether your plant babies require a weekly watering or a drink every 10 days, Happy Plant has you covered. The free app works by assigning a profile to your indoor or outdoor plants, allowing you to carefully monitor the growth progress and watering schedule of each green. The app even encourages users to snap a photo or "plant selfie" of their greens with every water in order to track growth with a time-lapse video.

"I don't think I'd have a single plant alive—let alone six—without this app," wrote one reviewer. "I have lots of plants with different watering needs and this app has been a lifesaver," wrote another.

Remembering how to properly care for a single indoor plant is tricky enough, and it's a household chore that becomes even more cumbersome with the inevitable addition of new plants to your living space. Fortunately, the app stores up to three plants for free (you have to subscribe with the addition of a fourth), and keeps you up to date on what greens need to be watered on any given day.

Available for iPhone and iPad users, the app automates the mundane act of caring for your plants, allowing you to show them some much-needed TLC before your potted efforts are beyond repair. We love the app for its practicality, and the fact that it helps even the neediest plants thrive.

Find pleasure in caring for your houseplants by downloading the app here, and don't be surprised when you (finally) develop that well deserved green thumb.

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