Land O Lakes’ Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spreads Joy

Land O Lakes’ Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spreads Joy

Look, 2020 has been a bit of a bear. While there’s no guidebook for navigating these unprecedented times, we have found ways to cope with the seemingly endless parade of bad news. Our trick? Incorporating little treats into our day.

So, before you turn on the news or start scrolling through social media, try starting your day on an uplifting note. We’re big fans of the Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread from Land O Lakes as a fun, affordable way to jazz up even the saddest piece of toast.

This cinnamon sugar butter has been around for a few years, but if there was ever a time to give it a spin, it’s now.

Made with a blend of cinnamon, sugar, and creamy butter, fans tout this fall-friendly spread a worthy opponent of Texas Roadhouse’s signature cinnamon butter. Land O Lakes suggests using it a classic toast, spread on a warm English muffin or French toast, or even stirred into hot cereal for an “extra-special kiss of sweetness.”

Land O Lakes’ Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread is available at select Walmart locations for around $2. Not a bad price for a little bit of joy.

Happy spreading, y’all!


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