Le Creuset’s New Lasagna Dishes Will Help You Craft Towering Layers That Won’t Bubble Over

Le Creuset has a new classic lasagna dish and a new lasagna deep baker that will help you craft gorgeous, towering layers of pasta, cheese, sauces, and whatever else you prefer to pack your favorite meal with.
The Le Creuset Classic Lasagna Dish is about a five-quart dish with more than three inches of depth to it. It can accommodate multiple layers of lasagna without bubbling over. It can also handle other dishes like crowd-sized casseroles, whole roasted chickens, and vegetables. The stoneware baking dish features loop handles for easy gripping and offers a uniform heat distribution for even cooking. You can put it in the oven, freezer, broiler, dishwasher, and use metal utensils against it. It’s available in three colors–red, orange, and white–for $89 each on Le Creuset’s website. A cobalt blue option is available as an outlet exclusive.

Lasagna Deep Baker

The Le Creuset Heritage Lasagna Deep Baker is the brand’s largest baking dish yet, clocking in at almost seven quarts with four inches of depth to it. Along with layers and layers of lasagna, it can handle whole roasted turkeys, prime ribs, and casseroles. The non-stick, 9-by-12-inch bakeware has scalloped handles. It comes in red or white for $100 on Le Creuset’s website, and you can also get a deep blue color exclusively from Williams-Sonoma.
It’s safe to say both of these Le Creuset dishes are ready to take on all of your lasagna needs and more. What else could you ask for?

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