Make Fresh, Bold Brews in Minutes With This Affordable Stainless-Steel Coffee Maker

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When we're craving really strong coffee, a regular drip machine just won't cut it. But high-tech espresso makers that churn out café-worthy brews can take up a lot of kitchen space for the occasional cup. Instead, thousands of Amazon shoppers have turned to this sturdy stovetop espresso maker.

The Bonvivo Intenca Stovetop Espresso Maker offers bold coffee that's a step above an Americano without creating clutter on your countertop. Similar to other Moka pots (another name for stovetop makers), it brews espresso-like coffee with a simple process: Just fill the reservoir with water, put ground coffee in the funnel-shaped filter, screw on the top, and heat it on the stove. In minutes, you're rewarded with a strong cup of coffee guaranteed to wake you up.

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But what makes the Bonvivo Intenca special is its premium stainless steel body. Amazon shoppers say the material is not only more durable than traditional aluminum pots, but that it cuts down on brewing time as well.

"I've had three stovetops espresso makers, but the Bonvivo earns the gold," one user wrote. "The stainless steel heats up the water much better than aluminum. I've noticed that the coffee remains hotter for longer."

A second added, "We were amazed that the Bonvivo Intenca makes coffee on our cooktop in one minute and 24 seconds. Seriously, if you step away, it begins to boil."

Another benefit of the stainless steel construction is that it works on a variety of stovetops, including glass, ceramic, gas, and induction burners. For that reason alone, nearly 2,000 Amazon shoppers bestowed a perfect rating on the maker.

The Bonvivo Intenca comes in two different sizes—a 6.8-ounce model that yields four cups of coffee and a 10-ounce version for larger batches. You can also select from three different finishes: chrome, copper, and black. And no matter what you choose, users say the under-$50 maker is a great deal compared to pricier machines.

What are you waiting for? Add the Bonvivo Intenca to your cart now to perk up your coffee routine.

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To buy: 6.8-ounce Bonvivo Intenca Stovetop Espresso Maker, $34 (originally $40);

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