Marie Kondo Is Coming Out With a Line of Kitchen Goods

Marie Kondo Is Coming Out With a Line of Kitchen Goods

If you’re familiar with Japanese author Marie Kondo on any level, you can probably recall the fundamental question that became something of a catchphrase via her 2019 Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: “Does it spark joy?”

Now, the organizer extraordinaire who’s helped countless people purge unwanted possessions has opened up her very own home goods shop that asks a different, perhaps contradictory question: “do you want to buy this brush crumb for your kitchen?”

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That seems to be the mantra behind “KonMari”, a Kondo-curated line of home goods, which features a robust (and rather pricey) collection of cooking & kitchen items. From storage solutions to cookware to cleaning implements and even tea, Kondo’s collection of kitchen stuff exudes a minimalist aesthetic. While Kondo and her team scoured the globe for the 125 products initially on offer, a sizable portion of the goods on offer showcase the design sensibilities of Kondo’s native Japan.

Though the idea of selling people new tchotchkes might seem at odds with Kondo’s process, The Wall Street Journal says that everything she sold passed a “joy check.” That process seems to involve a deep consideration of each item’s purpose and potential place in the owner’s life.

At the same time, Kondo readily admits that she hasn’t used or hoarded everything available from her online storefront. “I don’t use every product, but all the products are founded on KonMari’s world view, if you will,” she told the Journal through an interpreter. “[This] really encourages you to choose what sparks joy for you and really cherish what you buy and surround yourself with.”

Of course, online shoppers about to enter the busy Black Friday gauntlet don’t really have the ability to reach through the worldwide web and perform a “joy check”. But if you or someone in your life will absolute beam with happiness at the thought of owning and using a $275 Brass Tool Holder, then by all means spark that joy and live your best life.

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