Meet Good Boy, a Line of Beer Just for Dogs

If your dog is anything like mine, it begs for whatever you’re eating, especially when it’s something that would cause a canine stomach ache. And as much as we all love our pupperinos, toxic treats are the last thing we want for our pets (especially when we’re cleaning up after them). Enter Good Boy Dog Beer, a hop- and alcohol-free brew that was designed just for dogs. 

Megan and Steven Long, who own two Houston bars and several pets, started developing their own dog treats for their nine-year-old rottweiler, Rocky, who suffers from a sensitive stomach and allergies, Delish reports. Eventually, that experimentation progressed to a dog-focused line of beer.

Good Boy currently offers four varieties: IPA A Lot in the Yard, Crotch Sniffin’ Ale, Mailman Malt Licker, and Session…Squirrel! Individual cans retail for $5, and a four-pack costs $18. A sampler pack containing each brew is also available for $18. The company says humans can drink the brews, but do take into account that they’re made for a dog’s palate and are a bit bland—yes, they’ve tried it. 

If you’re in or around Houston, you can find Good Boy Dog Beer at a number of local bars, including one that the Longs own. Everyone else will have to settle for ordering it online. 


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