Natty Light Just Launched a Strawberry Lemonade Beer

Listen, I report a lot of food news.

It’s not that I’m not enthusiastic about each product that I write about—because I am. I’m genuinely excited every time I see that there’s a brand spankin’ new Oreo flavor or Taco Bell menu item out there. But I won’t lie and say I haven’t become a bit jaded to the constant stream of press releases and breaking junk food news.

It takes a special announcement to truly thrill me, at this point. So when I say that I’m freaking out about Natural Light’s new strawberry lemonade beer, you know that I am seriously freaking out.

The beer, which comes in flamingo-covered cans, is called “Naturdays.”

OH MY GOD. Be still my redneck heart.

“We designed Naturdays with all-day refreshment in mind,” said Daniel Blake Senior Director of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch in a release. “We’re excited to introduce a light beer to the market with a refreshing strawberry lemonade flavor that will get people to rethink their drink of choice.”

Anheuser-Busch didn’t immediately provide details regarding the beer itself, but I’m assuming it’s a Natty Light/Mike’s Hard Lemonade/Straw-Ber-Ita combo.

Retired NFL punter Pat McAfee helped launch the beverage with a 5-minute animated ad called “A Naturdays Story: ‘Red 18.’”

“I could not be more excited to be a part of this campaign. It tastes phenomenal and it’s literally all about creating epic stories with your buddies,” said McAfee. “‘Red 18’ is just one example of the many, many Naturdays I’ve had, and for Natty Light to come to me and ask to MAKE A GOD DANG MOVIE about my real life…well that was just awesome to experience. I promise you’ll love the film and this beer.”

Natural Light is asking fans to tell their own “Naturday” story on social media. They’ll pick a few favorites and turn them into custom cartoons. To be considered, make sure you tag @naturallight and include #Naturdays in your post.

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