Nigella Lawson Uses This Easy Hack to Make Out-of-Season Tomatoes Taste WAY Better

Nigella Lawson is about as close to British royalty as one can be without being part of the bloodline (or marrying into it), thanks to her array of award-winning TV shows and cookbooks. Diana Henry, a British food writer, said Lawson has achieved “Princess Diana status,” as she is that well-known and beloved. We appreciate Lawson for still seeking to be an approachable home cook—no matter how famous she’s gotten—and we love scouring her blog for cooking tips and tricks.

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One of her hacks is especially useful during this spring season, while tomatoes may look prettier than they did during winter, but still don’t taste quite as juicy and delicious as their summer counterparts. According to Lifehacker, Lawson says all it takes is a little heat to get out-of-season tomatoes in tip-top shape.

It only takes a few minutes of work to get juicy, flavorful tomatoes any time of year. Just preheat your oven to 450 degrees, wash and halve a container of cherry tomatoes, and season them with salt and a little sugar. You can even sprinkle them with fresh thyme if you have it on hand.

Once the oven has preheated, you can turn it off and place the cherry tomatoes on a lightly greased pan overnight, allowing you to wake up to a glorious tray of vibrant tomatoes in the morning. Now they’re ready to be used in all of your favorite tomato recipes—no more waiting until summer to break them out!

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