Only True Disney Fans Have A Soap Dispenser That Pumps Out In Mickey’s Shape And Here’s How To Get One

You might have someone in your life who is the ultimate Disney fan or maybe you are that person. This person loves the parks and the movies, obviously has Disney+, and probably has just about every Disney-themed house item you could need. Well, I would bet they don’t have a soap dispenser that makes every pump look like Mickey Mouse, so here’s how to get one.

Disney Soap Pump Top
The product is based on the design found in Tokyo Disney that, again, dispenses soap into a Mickey shape on your hand. Etsy shop BK3DTreasures makes an attachment that can be easily used with Bath & Body Works foaming soaps specifically. If you have a scent that is your favorite that isn’t dispensing in the way you want, it is suggested you add in some thick, plain soap to help get the desired effect.
BK3DTreasures uses 3D printing technology to make the attachments and they can be ordered in black, blue, gold, red, gray, purple, green, orange, pink, yellow, and white. If you wish to customize your attachment with a different color or design you can order the white color which will come shipped in two pieces so you can make it your own.
Each attachment is $20 prior to shipping and the reviews say that it dispenses the soap perfectly: “Quick shipping and the product works as advertised! It makes an amazing addition to my Disney bathroom and makes me so happy!” one reviewer wrote.
Whether you have an entire part of your house dedicated to Disney or just want a subtle hint at the iconic Mickey shape, this attachment is a unique way to do so and, of course, there’s never been a better time to make washing your hands a little more fun.

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