Oreo Has A New Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit That You Can Build This Halloween

Building a structure out of cookies doesn’t have to be exclusive to Christmas and gingerbread houses. Oreo released a spooky graveyard chocolate cookie kit, and it’s the perfect edible Halloween-themed activity to indulge in this fall.
The kit builds a mini haunted graveyard complete with a mausoleum and tombstones. It comes with pre-cut cookie shapes for those main attractions, so all you have to worry about is sticking them together. To decorate and hold everything in place, the kit includes full-size Oreo cookies, mini Oreos, pre-made icing, and an orange, purple, and black candy assortment in bead and bat shapes. There are instructions on the back of the box for a little guidance, and you can buy the kit at Michaels for about $15.

BUY NOW Oreo Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit
If you want to really go all out, Oreo has a monster decorating cookie kit that you can use to add monsters to the spooky graveyard for the ultimate haunted cookie display. You can make anything from mummies to skeletons. You could even come up with your own monster. Add a few extra eyes and ears, and call it a day. The kit available on Amazon for around $31, and yes, it’s eligible for Prime shipping!

BUY NOW Oreo Monster Decorating Cookie Kit
Since going door-to-door for Halloween candy this year might not be realistic or safe because of the pandemic, building a spooky cookie kit would be a great alternative–especially to keep kids busy on the holiday. Then you can pop in Halloween movies as you eat it!

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