Pillsbury Has A New All Purpose Baking Mix That Will Be The Most Useful Baking Mix In Your Kitchen

For beginner bakers, easy-to-use mixes from the grocery store are a great item to have in your cabinets. You can always upgrade a boxed mix with a few simple swaps and add-ins, or you can follow along with the steps religiously because let’s face it—boxed mixes tend to hit the spot every once in a while. Pillsbury Baking has a huge selection of these ready made mixes, but the latest All Purpose Baking Mix might be the most versatile.
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You never know when you’ll want to whip up a quick batch of pancakes or waffles, so it’s good to always keep that sort of mix on hand. I’d argue this is a pantry staple since the All Purpose Mix can be used for both breakfast foods instead of having to buy a specific mix for each. The box also says that the mix can be used for biscuits so you can make those quickly with the mix instead of buying the refrigerated dough.
According to the Pillsbury Baking website, the All Purpose Mix can be used for simple desserts, like strawberry shortcake, as well. With all of these possibilities, picking up several boxes when you spot the mix in stores is probably a good idea. @Foodiewiththebeasts saw the mix at their Acme store, but Pillsbury Baking mixes are typically available at most mainstream retailers in the baking aisle. You’ll probably spot them right next to the new Pillsbury Baking Funfetti items…so go ahead and grab those too.

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