Popeyes Hot Honey Sauce Is Back And This Time Its Drizzled On The Classic Bone-In Chicken

We’ve told you all about what restaurant chain apps can do for you, and now Popeyes is offering a $5 hot honey chicken meal that is totally worth the trip to the order window.
This $5 deal gets you two pieces of Popeyes classic bone-in fried chicken drizzled with a hot honey sauce that is both spicy and sweet. It also comes with your choice of side and a buttermilk biscuit.
The hot honey sauce isn’t a totally new item. In fact, according to Chew Boom, it first debuted in 2015 as a dipping sauce you could order separately. From there, in 2017 and 2019, it came back as part of a crunch tender box that featured the sauce on Popeyes crispy chicken tenders.
Hot honey chicken boxes are available at select Popeyes locations for a limited time. If the history of the hot honey sauce is any indication, it’ll surely be back again at some point again soon, though there’s no way to be sure if it will make a comeback as a side sauce, with tenders, or with bone-in chicken. Only time will tell!
That means if you happen to see this meal deal available at your Popeyes, you might want to pick it up before it’s gone for good. And if your menu isn’t offering it, well, there’s always the chicken sandwich. The most delicious of consolation prizes.

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