Squishmallows Are The New Toy TikTok Is Obsessed With And You Can Buy Ones That Look Like Fruit

TikTok has led to a bunch of cultural trends this year including (but not at all limited to) our joint obsessions with Dalgona coffee, pancake cereal, and even surprise mini brands. One of the latest viral items to hit the app is Squishmallows, a brand of stuffed plush toys that come in so many versions—including ones that look like your favorite food.

Austin The Avocado

Wanda The Watermelon

Maui The Pineapple

Squishmallow Kellytoy Set of 6 Minis
Similar to the popular toy unboxing videos on YouTube, many TikTok users post content of them looking for Squishmallows in stores or opening them at home. There are a bunch of animals to choose from like cats, dogs, whales, unicorns, and more, but some of the most sought after are the food plushes (and the seasonal Halloween collection, of course). The plushes vary in sizes and can be anywhere from just five inches to 16.
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Some people try to collect them all while others seek out specific versions of the toys, but the plushes by Kelly Toys are hard to come by in stores. According to the official website, Walgreens, Costco, Kroger, Justice, Target, Walmart, Aldi, and Five Below are a few of the places that carry these toys. At some of these chains, there may be exclusive Squishmallows available that can’t be found anywhere else.
Like most viral toys on TikTok, these Squishmallows are a hot commodity. The rarer types, like the Halloween ones, are already waiting for a restock online. Others are available for purchase through Amazon, but with the hype around them, they’ll probably continue to be in high demand. Think of this as your sign to get started on your holiday shopping early this year, and if you have a kid to shop for…you now know what to do.

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