Starbucks Has An Earth Month Game With More Than 2.5 Million Prizes Up For Grabs

The Starbucks Earth Month Game combines an instant win game called “Choice & Chance” and a puzzle game called “Play & Plant.” For the instant win game, the giveaways include a free non-dairy drink, money off select food items, and discounts on reusable merch. There’s also a sweepstakes within that game featuring grand prizes like non-dairy drinks from Starbucks for a year. For the puzzle portion, players have the chance to vote on which tree restoration project Starbucks will donate 250,000 trees to. Players can pick from four projects: Habitats for Biodiversity, Forest Fire Restoration, Clean Water, or Climate Stability.

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To further encourage sustainability, players can get additional game plays through weekly activities. Tasks involve foregoing single-use plastic straws, ordering meatless breakfast items, voting for your favorite non-dairy drink, and reading articles about combating food waste. The game runs from April 1 to April 30, so start now to maximize your time!
Oh, and along with the game, you might want to check out Starbucks’s new blend of whole bean coffee—called Starbucks Odyssey Blend—that includes a QR code for you to learn more about where it came from. The company also has a new line of mint-colored reusable merch for all of your sustainability and coffee needs.

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