These Cactus-Shaped Corn Cob Holders Are Cute and Practical

cactus-shaped corn cob holders

Summer is full of fresh and delicious produce. While strawberries and peaches are perfect for desserts like Summer Berry Pie and Peach Galette, I personally think corn is the tastiest seasonal offering. I love the slight sweetness that corn brings to dishes—plus, it's full of B vitamins, iron, protein, and potassium.

While there are many different ways to prepare corn, my favorite method is to grill the vegetable and eat it right off the cob. And with these cactus-shaped corn cob holders from Williams Sonoma, I don't have to worry about burning my fingers on the hot surface. These adorable corn holders come in a set of four, so the whole family can use them during dinner.

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In addition to these plant-shaped holders, Williams Sonoma also has a few animal-themed versions. The sheep or cow corn cob picks would look funny on any plate. And if you need help preparing the vegetable, this stainless-steel corn basket makes it easy to grill and flip multiple corn cobs at a time.

It's the perfect time to enjoy a corn on the cob, and these cactus-shaped corn cob holders will make any meal easier (and less messy!) to enjoy. And if you want to take your corn a step further, try one of these fun flavor combinations with our Mexican Street Corn or our Grilled Corn on the Cob with Pesto Butter.

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