This $13 Hack Makes Toting Multiple Heavy Grocery Bags at Once a Breeze

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Buying your groceries in bulk has its pros and its cons. On one hand, you get to ensure your shelves are fully stocked while also making fewer grocery store runs—on the other hand, you're stuck carrying dozens of heavy bags to and from your car after each trip. For city dwellers, this problem becomes exacerbated with public transportation and hiking up apartment stairs. Thankfully, we found a $13 solution that will make lugging your bags pain-free, easy, and convenient. Meet Mighty Handle.

Made of 100% recycled materials, Mighty Handle is a two-hooked shaped device that allows you to easily store multiple bags, up to 50 pounds, in one go. If 50 pounds sounds out of your weight class, don't worry. Mighty Handle ensures the weight of your bags is evenly distributed so you're never overexerting your effort. While the hooks secure your bags, the comfort grip handle keeps your fingers and hands pain-free. Plus, the machine-washable tool folds up when not in use for easy storage.

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Mighty Handle

To buy: $14 for a pack of two;

While Mighty Handle is great for bothersome plastic bags that tend to dig into fingers and hands, happy Amazon customers are also quick to note that these handles are useful for carrying other heavy objects as well. Paint cans, dry cleaning bags, and gallons of milk are just a few of the items shoppers are using this device for.

In addition to lightening your shopping load, one customer points out that these handles also help to ensure your groceries don't spill open in the trunk of your car: "More than once, I have been driving home from the grocery store and after a sharp turn or a quick stop I hear the dreaded noise of all my grocery bags rolling and crashing into one another! I like to take the handle out when I bring my grocery cart to the car, wrap my bags around it, then I can place all my bags in the car at once. I then twist it so the bags stay in place while I drive."

Other happy reviewers agree that the Mighty Handle is worth every bit of its modest price, calling it "very sturdy," "super helpful," and a "godsend." One professional grocery store deliverer even recommends this as their must-have product."

Whether you're anticipating a busy holiday shopping season or are just trying to extend your time between grocery trips, Mighty Handle is the best and most affordable bag hack we've seen yet. Shop it now.

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