This $33 Cast Iron Kettle Keeps Your Tea Piping Hot for Longer

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A piping hot cup of tea is a great afternoon pick-me-up. But as avid tea drinkers know, there's a definitive teapot hierarchy. Some teapots are poorly insulated, turning your tea into a disappointing lukewarm brew. Enter: cast iron kettles. These tea vessels are sturdy and attractive, plus they retain heat better than ceramic and stainless steel models. Because of their superior insulation and aesthetics, cast iron kettles have been used in Japanese tea ceremonies dating back to the 17th century.

If you need a recommendation for your own version, Amazon shoppers are calling the Towa Workshop Cast Iron Teapot "a special treasure." This beloved kettle heats tea gradually and evenly to enhance flavor throughout the brewing process. Its cast iron body maintains your tea's temperature, so there's no need to rush tea time. You can load your tea leaves into the stainless steel infuser, and the teapot's fully enameled interior will preserve your tea's aroma and taste.

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With an ergonomic, fold-down handle and a shortly curved spout, the kettle prevents splashes as you pour. It's stovetop safe, and it makes up to four cups of tea at a time. Plus, the Towa Workshop Cast Iron Teapot is available in many sizes and designs to suit almost any kitchen.

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To buy: Towa Workshop Cast Iron Teapot, $33;

Reviewers say they love drinking from the beautiful teapot while they curl up with a good read or work from home. They appreciate the kettle's affordable price tag and classic design.

"Have you always wanted one of those Zen gardens with the sand and small pebbles?" one reviewer writes. "Well, let me tell you, this is so much more relaxing. It makes the most soothing whistling sound I have ever heard, and it's by far my favorite teapot."

"This teapot is the ideal size for enjoying warm tea for hours," another satisfied shopper adds. "I keep the kettle on my desk while I work. The pour is perfect, with no splashing or dribbles down the spout."

Shoppers are also finding the teapot has some unexpected functions: They can use it to warm their hands in cold winter months, as well as to decorate their home offices. "This teapot is just as lovely in person as it is in the photos," a reviewer explains. "I'm greatly enjoying using this gorgeous teapot as an artistic pop to my desk."

If you're tired of bland, tepid brews, pick up the Towa Workshop Cast Iron Teapot. Reviewers are calling it "the best teapot ever," and that's the tea.

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