This $6 Oven Cleaner Works Miracles on the Toughest Stains and Grease


I have always wondered why people don’t clean their ovens more often. Does it seem like such a daunting task for renters that it’s worth leaving some of the deposit on the table? Are people like me and wary of the self-cleaning setting? We all have the aunt whose neighbor’s best friend’s cousin accidently started a fire with the self-cleaning setting, right? That was just me? Oh.

Do people think “my oven is not that dirty” and have no idea of the disgusting satisfaction that comes from seeing the amount of grime that is picked up after wiping with a cleaning rag? Do people not know about the magical cleaner that is Easy-Off?

Buy It: Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner, $6;

Easy-Off Oven Cleaner spray could not be simpler to use. Start by taking the racks out of the oven (I hand wash these, but you could use Easy-Off on them). Then spray the cleaner in a cold oven. Wait 1 to 2 hours. Now wipe down with a damp paper towel or sponge. Voila. If it’s been a really long time since the oven had its last cleaning, I’ll let the cleaner sit 12 or even 24 hours before wiping. Easy-Off has a heavy-duty version for instances like this. But I’ve found the original to work just fine.

You can also use the spray as a daily cleaner. I’ve done this to spot treat my gas stove-top if some crusty bits appear after a particularly messy evening of cooking. It’s safe to use on broilers, broiler pans, stainless steel surfaces, and grill racks. Although, if your grill racks need a particular heavy-duty cleaning, give Easy Off’s BBQ Grill Cleaner a try. 

Another great reason to buy? The smell. Or lack thereof. So many oven cleaners have a brutal, almost suffocating smell, that stays in the air for days afterwards. Not Easy-Off. It has a very faint, and I mean faint, lemon aroma.

I clean my oven three to four times a year. More often if I’m on a frozen pizza kick. I set alerts on my Google calendar to remind me. But if you can’t see through the oven window due to grease build-up – it’s time to clean.

Easy-Off makes cleaning far from daunting and one (24-ounce) can easily lasts me two years. That’s $3 a year you’re spending to clean your oven. And far less money you’d spend on damage from a grease fire. What are you waiting for? Add a can to your cart now and get cleaning.

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