This Best-Selling Coffee Grinder Has 8,000 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon—and It's on Sale

For the very best cup of coffee, you'll want to grind your own beans. Not only does it yield fresher, more flavorful brews, but grinding the coffee yourself gives you greater control—so you can get just the right grind for a French press, Chemex, Aeropress or your favorite automatic machine.

Hand grinders can be an economical choice, but automatic burr machines are more consistent—and definitely easier to use when you're caffeine deprived! "Burr grinders guarantee a consistent grind by funneling beans through two sets of burrs that mill the grounds to a uniform size," explains EatingWell's Test Kitchen manager, Breana Killeen. "They’re a little more expensive but worth it for the perfect cup of joe.”  Thankfully, those on the hunt for a top-rated automatic grinder are in luck: Amazon's best-selling burr coffee grinder, the KRUPS Auto Dose Grinder, is on sale right now for $109.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

Originally $130, shoppers can now save 16 percent on this small-but-mighty machine. The popular grinder has racked up more than 8,000 perfect five-star reviews from customers who rave about how powerful and user-friendly it is. The KRUPS Auto Dose Grinder is built with stainless steel conical burrs to ensure a consistent grind size, no matter if you need coarse grounds for a French press or a super fine grind for espresso. Just choose the number of cups you want to brew and your grind size, and the machine's Auto-Dose Grinder will deliver the exact amount you need to maximize your beans' flavors.

To buy: $109 (originally $130);

"Now, as a barista I like to think I know a little bit about coffee grinding," one customer wrote. "I was a little skeptical about this but one of my coworkers recommended it, saying that it can actually be pretty accurate…I decided to give it a whirl (pun very intended) and found that it actually works better than I originally thought! I used to use a hand grinder, which is nice, but kinda annoying when you constantly go from French press to pour over. Now it's just a matter of how much pulsing. I'm definitely happy I got this product and so grateful of my new freedom of grind size."

Another user raved about how dependable the grinder is: "This is the best spice and coffee grinder out there. The design is simple, it is effective, cheap, and they last forever. I used one every day for about ten years until I finally dropped it and cracked [the] plastic top. I replaced it with two more, one for coffee and one for spices, and both are still as well-made as the original."

They even make great gifts! One shopper shared that they loved the KRUPS Auto Dose Grinder so much, they gave it as Christmas presents to friends and family. "I've had my grinders for years and used them frequently and they're still going strong. I'd buy another one in an instant if something happened to mine."

Ready to shake up your rise and grind? We're not sure how long this deal will last, so we recommend adding the KRUPS Auto Dose Grinder to your cart now.

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