This Colander Expands for Big Batches of Pasta and Collapses for Easy Storage

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While there may be other kitchen gadgets and appliances that inspire more excitement, the colander is one tool that carries a lot of responsibility—and, let's be honest, would be hard to manage without. Whether draining pasta or potatoes, straining some vegetables, rinsing beans, or thawing seafood, we turn to our colanders all the time.

Colanders are typically inexpensive and rarely have significant design innovation, but they can come in some pretty unique styles, be it clip-on or collapsible. But it's probably safe to assume most of us haven't put a lot of thought into what type of colander we bought or if it was really as useful as it could be. That's about to change.

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This over-the-sink expandable colander could very well change the food prep experience forever for those with a small kitchen and limited space, or even for those who just really didn't think colanders could be more than a metal bowl with handles and holes.

This colander expands to fit right atop the sides of most sinks. This keeps your hands free to carefully tilt a heavy pot or spoon out the bottom bits of stuck-on pasta. It also keeps the bottom of the colander free from the sink's surface or any pooled liquids so you don't have to worry about dirtying what you just washed.

When it's pushed in, the colander is just over a foot long, at 14.2 inches. Fully extended, it's over 19 inches. That means it'll work on sinks of varying sizes.

When fully extended, the colander can hold up to five quarts of food, so everything from potatoes to broccoli and pasta to mussels can be easily drained, rinsed, and prepped for their final dish. The materials are safe up to temps of 230°F, so you don't have to worry about it warping or melting under hot temperatures from boiling water, and the colander is even safe to pop right into the dishwasher.

"It's really just about the coolest colander you'll ever buy," said one Amazon reviewer. "I've used it for straining of course, drying cooking utensils while making big meals and washing grapes." The review goes on: "It will continue to hover over the sink without actually touching the sink so you can have freshly washed produce sitting in there for grabbing."

Another says: "This is my favorite new kitchen gadget! I never thought I would use it this often, but it is constantly on the sink being used for various things like washing fruits and vegetables, peeling over carrots and cucumbers and straining pasta."

This colander is quickly rising atop Amazon's list of best colanders and strainers, and with an impressive 129 five-star reviews already (it was first released in September 2020), more cooks are going to discover the benefits of this over-the-sink colander and how much better your colander choice can really be.

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