This High-Quality Cast Iron Brand Rarely Has Sales, and There's One Happening Right Now


You’ve probably been cooking what feels like nonstop since March, and you might be reaching a point where your nonstick pans are fatigued, and your cast iron pan needs a reset. For cookware that looks as beautiful on the counter as it does in action, Smithey Ironware is pretty much unbeatable. It’s some of the most versatile cast iron you’ll find anywhere, and right now, their full sets are on sale.

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Smithey’s ironware reflects a classic, vintage style but uses modern technology to forge some of the sturdiest cast iron pans on the market. The result is a pan surface that’s glassy smooth and naturally nonstick, something a cast-iron obsessive will treasure forever. The deep copper interior and dark exterior are both rustic and stately. 

Having used the Dutch oven since the spring, I can attest that the nonstick surface is fantastic and wipes completely clean in under a minute. (Try scraping 4-hour-braised short ribs out of a standard pan … no dice.) The reviews on every pan are overwhelmingly positive, and all items come pre-seasoned and ready to cook.

There are four cast-iron sets on sale right now. The essential three-piece skillet set is $399 (originally $460) and the eight-piece set with accessories (including their back-ordered fish spatula) is $499 (originally $580). Their “combo” pan, a 12-inch skillet with a convertible lid to griddle top, is $25 off, and the ultimate set with the whole cast iron collection (hello, Dutch oven!) is $200 off. Not an impulse purchase, but an excellent investment or an incredible heirloom-worthy gift for the cook in your life or newlyweds who might not have gotten the wedding they were hoping for this year.

Smithey rarely offers discounts on their skillets and pans, as they’re in perpetual high-demand. In advance of the fall and the holiday season, it’s lucky that this sale has popped up. Across the country, retailers and brands are going to be back-ordered quickly come October and November, since most customers will be limited to online shopping for gifts. So we’d recommend getting in while the getting is this good. Read on for all the details.


The Essential 3-Piece Smithey Set

Includes: No. 8 Chef, No. 10 Traditional, and No. 12 Skillets

Buy it here: The Essential 3-Piece Smithey Set ($399, originally $460),


The Smithey Chef 8-Piece Set

Includes: No. 8 Chef, No. 10 Chef, No. 12 Traditional, Chain Mail Scrubber, Spatula, Full-grain Leather Potholder, Extended and Standard Length Skillet Sleeves.

Buy it here: The Smithey Chef 8-Piece Set ($499, originally $580),


The No. 12 Combo Set

Includes: No. 12 Skillet and No. 12 Flat Top Griddle

Buy it here: The No. 12 Combo Set ($300, originally $325),


The Ultimate 12-Piece Smithey Set

Includes: No. 8 Chef, No. 10 Chef, No. 10 Traditional, No. 12 Traditional, No. 12 Flat Top, No. 14 Dual Handle, 5.5qt Dutch Oven. Standard And Extended Skillet Sleeves, Chainmail Scrubber, Full Grain Potholder, and the Smithey Spatula.

Buy it here: The Ultimate 12-Piece Smithey Set ($1,200; originally $1,400),

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