This Incredible Container Keeps Guacamole Fresh for Days—and It’s Just $9

There are guacamole purists who will only eat a mash of avocados seasoned with garlic, peppers, onion, and lime. Others love to mix in everything under the sun—Pomegranate seeds! Tomatoes! Pineapple! But no matter what way you do your dip, everyone agrees it’s not nearly as good brown.

The key to keeping guacamole bright green is avoiding oxidation. And while there are a couple of hacks to avoid browning, like using olive oil or extra lime juice to protect against air, they can impact the flavor of your dish. That’s why this simple tool from Prepworks caught our eye. It’s specially designed to store guacamole, sealing out air and keeping it fresh for days.


To buy: $9 (originally $13);

The Guacamole ProKeeper’s secret is all in the lid. The pressure-release design forces out air as you press it down to rest just on top of the dip. Once secure, the container will keep your guac looking and tasting its best for four days or more.

In addition to guacamole, the ProKeeper is also great for storing salsa or any other delicate dips you want to snack on throughout the week. The four-cup container also doubles as a serving bowl, easily going from the refrigerator to the table. Plus, you can just toss in the dishwasher for no-stress cleaning.

On Amazon, shoppers gush over their Guacamole ProKeepers, calling the tool a “game-changer.” It’s no wonder that the container has amassed hundreds of five-star reviews.

“I've never had guacamole last much more than two or three days when I made excess before it was too brown and watery for my taste,” one wrote. “With this, it looks just as fresh as when I made it seven days ago.” Another added it works “way better than plastic wrap.”

Others say the container’s generous capacity is perfect for big batches, with one writing, “I am surprised at how much it can hold—I made a batch with three whole avocados and it was the perfect quantity. This is great, especially for people who live alone and want to meal prep.”

And while the Guacamole ProKeeper typically costs an affordable $13, right now you can snag one for just $9. That’s practically the cost some fast-casual food chains charge for an extra scoop of the green stuff. Shop it from Amazon now and you’ll never suffer brown guac again.

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