This Passover ‘PassCaken’ Is A Coconuty Dream Come True

With the way things have been this last year, it might have slipped your mind that Passover is beginning in less than two weeks. If you’re like me and get your days confused more often than not, you may still be on the hunt for a delicious dessert to have handy. And if that is you, you’ll be happy to know that the PieCaken Bakeshop has something I’m sure you’re going to love.
Well known for their mash-up desserts, the brand—which is headed up by pastry chef Zac Young—has an unforgettable option that can hit your doorstep right in time for Passover. Available now on Goldbelly, the PassCaken is a matzo-crusted coconut macaroon pie that you won’t be able to get enough of. Topped with flourless chocolate cake and raspberry mousse, the nearly six-pound cake is garnished with gilded chocolate and sea salt matzo crumble. The dream!

The PassCaken
The cake, which measures about five inches tall, can serve up to 12 people (or will produce enough for pleasant leftovers if you just want to have it all for yourself). It can also be stored in the freezer; if done tightly in its original packaging, it will last for up to three months. A perfect deal if you ask me.
The PassCaken is priced at $99 and includes free shipping, but if you’re looking to have your cake in time for the start of Passover, you may want to order right now. And, because it’s so beautifully delicious, you don’t want to run the risk of it selling out before you get yours. When you do though, please invite me over. I’ll bring the drinks!
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