Thomas’ Banana Bread English Muffins Are Coming Back to Stores


Under normal circumstances, we tend to think of English Muffins as little more than a vessel for other breakfast tastes. Full of nooks and crannies for (peanut) butter or jam to hide, they can also serve as the perfect boundaries for holding a breakfast sandwich in place. But I think it’s safe to say anyone who eats a plain (and especially an untoasted) English muffin is an absolute psychopath.

Thanks to the recent resurrection of Thomas’ Banana Bread English muffins, however, those English muffins at least now have a little bit of flavor. This limited edition item takes the next of the classic Thomas’ item and the breakfast bakery treat, fusing it into one sweet, heavenly package. Apparently, they’re also made with real bananas, so you know that this isn’t some half-baked attempt to mix things up just for the sake of it.

Hellz yess!! One of my favorite limited edition items from @thomasbreakfast is now in stores. The Banana Bread English Muffins has appeared at Shop-Rite and online store retailers.These muffins are heaven with peanut butter and sliced banana🤤Have you had this item, or will you👇🏼 Image @thomasbreakfast 🍌🍞

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While it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time this hybrid baked good has popped up, it couldn’t really come at a better time. After all, everyone’s tried their hand at making their own banana bread over the past few months, but I’d hazard a guess that nobody has tried to fashion their own English muffin-banana bread hybrid because where or how would you even start with that.

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Based on the Instagram post from @Markie_Devo (which somehow isn’t the Instagram account of Devo co-founder and lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh), it sounds like these special edition English muffins can already be found at places like Shop-Rite, and presumably more retailers soon.

If you already like putting a slice of banana on an English Muffin, your mornings are about to get a whole lot more meta. And if you’ve always wondered what it would be like to use banana bread as actual bread for a breakfast sandwich, well, this is as good of a chance as you’re probably going to get. Live your truth.



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