Walmart Made An Entire Line Of Halloween And Fall Baking Kits That Will Be Available Next Month

When you think of Halloween, your mind likely automatically goes to candy, but this year you should be putting your newfound baking skills to the test. You can of course make different goodies from scratch, but if you need some inspiration, Walmart is releasing easy-to-use baking kits for the upcoming season.
Available in September, Walmart is releasing a line of fall and Halloween baking kits that come with everything you need to make pumpkin spice muffins to skull sugar cookies. The Halloween kits are just $4.97 each and come with all the necessary supplies; the fall mixes are only $1.98.
For Halloween, the kits are a great option for a festive spread or just an activity to do at home with the kids. My personal favorite is the ghost meringue kit that helps you make little white meringues and comes with a black icing pen to add ghost faces to each treat. The Halloween kits also include skull sugar cookies, spooky vortex sugar cookies, monster eyes sugar cookies, graveyard brownies, and Halloween whoopie pies.

If you want something more low-key for fall, Great Value is also coming out with pumpkin spice waffle and pancake mix, cookie mix, and bread and muffin mix. For those who aren’t into the whole pumpkin spice craze (no judgement!) there will also be an apple cinnamon bread and muffin mix and a cranberry orange bread and muffin mix available on shelves.
All of this is to say that Walmart is the place to go if you want to pick up some baking kits that will help you achieve the ultimate fall vibes. See you in the baking aisle!

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