Wendy’s Has A New Plant-Based Burger Different From Anything You’ve Seen Before

The patty—made with a blend of black beans, chickpeas, and spices—will, of course, have Wendy’s signature square shape. It will come layered with chipotle jalapeños for texture, melty pepper jack, spicy chipotle sauce, tomatoes, sweet onion slices, and romaine all inside a toasted bun. The sandwich is said to be a little less hot than Wendy’s spicy nuggets or spicy chicken sandwiches. It will be available starting June 28 in select test markets in Columbus, Ohio; Jacksonville, Florida; and Pittsburgh.
Until now, we’ve seen big name fast food joints simply add Impossible burgers or Beyond Meat to their menus for plant-based options, so Wendy’s stepping into the flexitarian ring by including their own crafted black bean burger is a welcome change. That, along with new innovations like the summer strawberry chicken salad and ghost pepper ranch (which is delicious, BTW) make for a summer that will definitely bring the heat.

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