Yelp Debuted A New Feature For Reviewers To Rate Restaurants On Their COVID-19 Practices

The way customers dine out has totally changed during the pandemic as restaurant guests and employees value safety practices more than ever before. Yelp, the review site that many depend on when choosing where to eat, knows that diners have different concerns now than they did before, so the company is adding a field in their review system for safety practices.
According to a blog published by Yelp on their website, the company added a way for businesses over the summer to update their profiles with the COVID-19 precautions they were taking for their employees and guests. Now, patrons will easily be able to talk about the precautions restaurants use when they review on the Yelp app or website. In the blog, Yelp wrote that the new feature will share “how businesses have adapted to keep their customers safe, and aims to instill confidence in consumers to continue supporting local businesses.”
Specific fields for options like heated outdoor seating, 1:1 sessions available, private dining, DIY meal kits, and disposable or contactless menus will be included in the update. Every restaurant’s profile already has a COVID-19 section with a “Health & Safety Measures” heading that will now also include the new review criteria. That way, it’s easy to locate for potential customers using the Yelp site or app so they can decide how to support their local businesses in a way that’s comfortable for them.
Diners will be able to leave their feedback on Yelp, and after several responses come to a consensus, the information will be displayed under the COVID-19 section. Businesses will also have the option to voluntarily opt in to providing relevant information to Yelp users. As we all continue to find ways to support local businesses while keeping ourselves and others safe, Yelp is doing their part in making that adjustment a little bit easier. You can learn more about the updated safety sections in Yelp reviews on their website.

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