You Can Order A Chocolate Mousse Macchiato From The Starbucks Secret Menu

As we head into the season of ~love~ (which literally is just the month of February), it’s only right that we make everything live up to our Valentine’s Day dreams. That means buying yourself little gifts in the name of self love, telling those close to you how much you adore them, and consuming all chocolate everything. To add that touch of sweetness to your morning beverage, the fantastic people at Totally the Bomb shared a Starbucks menu hack for a Chocolate Mousse Macchiato.
IDK about anyone else, but chocolate mousse is synonymous with Valentine’s Day dessert in my mind. I always think about those fancy restaurants that serve you the smooth and sweet mousse in a tiny cup with something like “Happy Valentine’s Day” written in chocolate syrup on the plate. These musings are exactly why the Chocolate Mousse Macchiato seems like the ideal drink for this season but like any other “secret menu” hack it’s all about asking for the right customizations.
On their site, Totally the Bomb explains exactly how to order this drink to get it right. To start you’ll want to order an iced venti caramel macchiato made with half and half then you’ll ask to substitute the vanilla syrup with white mocha sauce and the caramel drizzle for mocha drizzle. Finally, you’ll want to ask for mocha cookie crumbles to finish it off. The finished product will taste exactly like the fancy dessert and looks delightful too.

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