You Can Still Order A Pokémon Go Frappuccino From Starbucks Thanks To This TikTok Hack

Because the Starbucks menu is full of plenty of tried and true favorite drinks, it’s easy to forget about all the amazing drinks we’ve left in the past. Luckily, though, through customizations and a bit of creativity you can recreate them, especially with the help of a knowledgeable barista.
TikTok user @samthebarista is one of the biggest gems on the app, and his account is full of endless secret menu drinks and customizations that we want to try for ourselves. One that got quite a bit of buzz recently was this drink, which is essentially a recreation of a the chain’s Pokémon Go Frappuccino, which it served up in 2016.
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Even back then, Starbucks gave us the recipe for whipping one up, letting us in on the fact that it’s simply a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with raspberry syrup and dried berry inclusions. Even though it’s that simple, we totally didn’t realize that we could order it any time until Sam came to the rescue. He also suggests adding some heavy cream to your order to give it a milkshake-like consistency, if that’s something you’re into.
Thankfully it seems we weren’t the only ones unaware of how easy this was to get back in our lives: “I remember when I asked for one and she was like ‘we don’t sell those anymore’ it was kind embarrassing,” one person recalled. “THANK YOU THIS WAS MY FAVE,” another said. “This is the only thing I order,” one savvy person wrote.
So there you go! If you’re looking for a new sweet and satisfying drink to order, I would definitely check out Sam’s page.

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