You Need A Whisk Wiper To Make Sure None Of Your Batter Goes To Waste

With the weather cooling down again and the seasons changing, you’re probably going to be reverting back to your baking ways. Whether that means some serious sourdough bread or some fun desserts, chances are you’ll need a whisk at some point and with this tiny kitchen gadget, cleaning them will be as easy as ever.

Whisk Wiper
Conveniently called the “whisk wiper,” this tool is multifunctional. Besides helping to get every last bit of batter off the whisk before washing, it can clip on to the whisk to catch any messy drips and can be used off of the whisk as a bowl scraper. It has both a round and pointed edge so you can use it for any shaped bowl and make sure none of your hard work goes to waste down your drain.
Prices for the product vary by color, with the most expensive being just $17. Keep in mind Amazon is currently selling the whisk wiper tool along with an 11-inch whisk that fits perfectly, so this price gets you both items. According to the product description, the whisk wiper can fit other seven mechanisms, but not all of them are guaranteed to be compatible.
Right now, the purple whisk wiper and stainless steel whisk combo is currently just around $15, so it’s a great time to add it to your cart. With all of the baking you’ll likely be doing this weekend to ring in the fall, there’s no better time to order it.

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