You Shouldn't Clean Your Grill With a Wire Bristle Brush—Use This Tool Instead

GRILLART Grill Brush Bristle Free & Scraper

From perfectly charred burgers and seared steaks to flavor-packed vegetables and fruits, the grill is one of our favorite ways to prepare fuss-free meals all summer long. But there’s a fine line between a seasoned char and bitter burnt bites, which is why it’s imperative to scrub off buildup every time you finish cooking.

Many traditional grill brushes use wire bristles that are flexible enough to get between the grates but can also easily break off and end up in the food you’re cooking. So instead, hundreds of Amazon shoppers have turned to a safer, sturdier alternative: Grillart’s Bristle-Free Grill Brush.

GRILLART Grill Brush Bristle Free & Scraper 2

To buy: $28 (originally $30);

Designed with mesh coils similar to reusable steel wool, the cleaner is durable enough to handle stubborn stains while still conforming to the nooks and crannies of the grill. Its scraper features a cutout design that is not only more flexible and lightweight, but also makes it easier to see what you’re actually cleaning on the grill. The brush’s coils and scraper are made of stainless steel, which won’t rust or wear down, even after years of use. What’s more, the brush’s 17-inch handle keeps your hands safe from heat.

The Grillart Bristle-Free Grill Brush works on a variety of grate types, including porcelain, ceramic, and infrared; however, it’s not compatible with mesh-style grills. To use, simply heat your grill on its high setting for at least 15 minutes to burn off any leftover food. Then, dip the brush in water and scrub from every angle while the grates are still hot. Rinse the brush in water as you clean, and use its stainless steel scraper to work on extra tough stains and baked-on foods. Once all the grates are clear, finish by wiping them with a paper towel soaked in canola oil to prevent rusting and food from sticking next time you cook.

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The brush is an Amazon favorite and has an impressive 4.5-star rating with more than 1,800 reviews. Users rave about how easy it is to use the tool, saying it effortlessly cleans a variety of grill grates.

“I'm a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to BBQ tools and maintenance and have used just about every variation on the market at one time or another,” one said. “It cleans so much better than any ‘brush’ I've previously used. I'll never go back!”

Many others commented that the bristle-free brush gives them peace of mind, with one writing, “After having a scare with a lodged wire bristle in my throat (from the traditional wire bristle brushes), I researched all the options and discovered Grillart's product. It cleans exceptionally well, has a sturdy and long handle (no burns with this product), and is a safe alternative to traditional grill brushes.”

And while the Grillart brush typically costs a reasonable $30, right now you can snag one for just $28. There's no reason why you shouldn't splurge on this affordable grilling upgrade for yourself for delicious, worry-free grilling all summer long.

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