Alan Carr weight loss: Comedian shares easy diet plan inspired by Adele – ‘looking great!’

Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow: Alan meets the contestants

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Alan Carr, 45, will host Channel Four’s Stand Up To Cancer 2021 tonight alongside co-presenters Davina McCall, Adam Hills, and Maya Jama. Alan is an English comedian best known for popular TV programmes including Chatty Man, Interior Design Masters, There’s Something About Movies, and -more recently – Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow.

The TV personality shocked fans last year as he posted new images of himself looking a lot slimmer than before.

Alan shared a photo of himself on social media in August 2020 to encourage fans to raise money for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

But the comedian’s followers were quick to comment on his appearance.

Instagram user @spice_n_ting wrote: “Have you lost weight? You look well.”

Julie Tillman commented: “Look at that chiselled jawline.”

Another follower said: “Good god man, how much working out have you been doing, you’re looking great and that’s an inspirational kick up the a**e for me.”

One person added: “Not sure what you’ve done, but you look so young.”

Another Instagram user wrote: “Alan you look amazing.”

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Alan revealed in January last year that he had been inspired by his good friend Adele to lose weight.

The comedian started to follow the singer’s diet.

He told The Sun: “I have been on a weird diet of a 1,000 calories.

“Adele looks great and she has inspired me.

“She is looking great. I love Adele.”

Like Adele, Alan reportedly limited himself to a 1,000 calories each day and followed the Sirtfood Diet.

This is done by eating certain “sirtfoods”, which include kale, red wine, strawberries, turmeric, chillies, coffee, and dark chocolate.

These foods help the body to produce sirtuins, which leads to dropping weight.

Slimmers following the diet are also encouraged to drink three green juices per day.

According to a source, who spoke to People magazine last year, Adele lost a whopping seven stone by eating 1,000 calories and drinking one cup of green juice a day.

The green juice, which is made from kale, celery, parsley, green rea, and lemon, is said to help boost metabolism.

The source added: “She got to the point where she didn’t feel great.

“She knew she had to change something, because she wants to be the healthiest mum possible.

“Her whole focus during the weight loss journey has really been all about how she can be healthier and how can she treat her body better.

“It was never about losing weight.”

Other celebrities who have followed the diet include Jodie Kidd and Lorraine Pascale.

According to Healthline, the Sirtfood Diet may work for weight loss because the foods are low in calories, but weight may pile on again once returning to normal eating.

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