Anti-ageing diet: FIVE foods to adopt to turn back the clock

Scientists reveal new reverse ageing method tested on mice

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Lockdown has taken a toll on all of us, if you feel you’ve aged 10 years in the past 12 months you’re not alone, but, help is on hand. Experts say these simple dietary adjustments could knock years off your biological age. Here are five foods which could help turn back the clock.

We’ve tried all the creams spent hundreds on serums and masks but there’s only so much these lotions and potions can achieve.

Experts now say we should be taking a closer look at what fuels us in a bid to turn back time.

Having a healthy diet is one research-back way to improve our health and prospects of longevity.

While no foods can reduce your chronological age, some foods can help lower your biological age a study by Scientists from the Institute for Functional Medicine in Washington has found.

The study found eating a diet rich in dark leafy greens can reverse ageing by two years in just eight weeks by triggering changes to DNA.

But, kale isn’t the only food which should be added to your age-reversal diet, here are the superfoods to help slow the speedy tick of your biological clock.

Dark leafy greens

Like them or loathe them, dark leafy greens such and kale and spinach are packed full of nutrients, these can help to lower your biological age.

Aim for two servings of these greens a day to help fight off the years.

Don’t think you can take shortcuts with more watery greens such as iceberg lettuce, you might prefer them but, these will be far less effective as they aren’t as nutrient-dense are their darker green cousins.


If you can’t stomach your greens, why not opt for something a little sweeter?

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are jam-packed with antioxidants and are a great source of anthocyanin which have been shown to help ward off age-related metabolic damage.

Blueberries have proved to be a researchers dream, they are back with nutrients to help promote heart health and to preserve cognitive (brain) function as you age.

Aim for a handful of these red and purple gems a day to see their full benefit.

Herbs and spices

Tumeric is the latest buzzword among the health-conscious and for good reason.

Research has found by adding half a teaspoon of turmeric to your diet every day you can help your body to reverse its ageing.

Rosemary is another one to incorporate into your cooking, adding half a teaspoon of this herb to your meals can have massive age-defying health benefits.

Other ones to help spice up your dinners whilst helping your health at the same time are ginger, cinnamon and red pepper.


Garlic can jazz up the blandest of meals, it is also an essential factor that should be considered in your anti-ageing diets.

Incorporate as much of it as you can into your cooking or even eat the cloves raw if you are feeling brave.

Anything in the onion family such as leeks and garlic are important prebiotic foods needed for good gut health, which is essential to reverse biological age.

Certain fruits

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but, could it also keep the grim reaper away?

Apples, pomegranates and tangerines are packed with anti-ageing nutrients to help reverse your biological clock.

Incorporating these into your diet could be the key to fighting off the years, but, be wary of their sugar content too many of these can send your sugar levels soaring.

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