‘As simple as that’: Lose weight without cutting any food from your diet

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Hayley Madigan is a health, body confidence and fitness guru who preaches healthy living and loving yourself. She shares her expertise on her Instagram account @hayleymadiganfitness where she has almost half a million followers.

She had a simple message for dieters. Hayley told Express.co.uk: “In order to lose weight, we need to consume fewer calories than our bodies burn.

“If we eat more calories than we burn then we put weight on, it is as simple as that.”

However, cutting out and limiting food is not the way to tackle weight loss, Hayley – who recently detailed her favourite weight loss breakfast to keep you “fuller for longer” – said. 

She went on: “It is important to note that no foods need to be cut from your diet when on a weight loss journey.

“From research and my own personal experience, when we restrict the foods we love, we tend to end up binging on them which causes an unhealthy relationship with food and makes any diet unsustainable.”

So, what makes weight loss healthy and sustainable?

Hayley said: “A healthy weight loss journey is about incorporating all foods, especially the ones we enjoy and adding in selected foods that are important for our overall health while maintaining a calorie deficit.

“Food freedom is one of the best ways to enjoy your journey to weight loss and a healthier, happier you.”

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How can someone eat fewer calories without cutting out food?

Hayley said: “To support a calorie deficit, it is sensible to reduce foods or meals that are calorie-dense, especially if you know you overeat them or can’t control yourself around them.

“For example, almonds contain over 600 calories per 100g, but they are also a great food to eat as they contain Vitamin E, healthy fats and protein.

“However in order to stick to a calorie deficit, you would ideally need to consume a low quantity such as 40g or a palm-size of almonds.

“Therefore, if you think you are eating healthily but don’t understand why you aren’t losing weight, it may be down to your portion sizes.”

The expert discussed her favourite breakfast for staying full until lunch.

She said: “When thinking about what to consume for breakfast, you want to make sure you firstly, enjoy it, and secondly, eat a meal that is high in protein in order to keep you fuller for longer.

“My go-to breakfast is a bowl of oats with Bulk Peanut Butter and a shake made with one scoop of Bulk Pure Whey Protein, a handful of frozen berries and one cup of water.

“This is a great example of a high protein breakfast that sets me up for the day, keeping me full while adding in slow-release carbohydrates and fibre from the oats, and antioxidant properties from the berries.”

Another weight loss guru, Dr. Micahel Mosley shared his recipe for cauliflower rice. 

He told followers: “I have fallen in love with cauliflower rice.

“You simply grate some cauliflower and heat in microwave for one minute.

“Low carb, low calories, packed with nutrients, cheap and very tasty. Great for soaking up sauce.”

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