Bradley Walsh weight loss: Host cut 1 thing from diet after scare – ‘it’s a silent killer’

The Chase: Bradley Walsh says ‘Plenty More Fish’

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Bradley Walsh stars in a new ITV show called Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad. The programme follows father and son as they make their way through Europe on a 3,000-mile epic adventure.

Bradley Walsh has opened up about his weight loss in the past, unafraid to reveal that he had to make changes to his diet following a health scare.

The TV host said he was told by a doctor he was at high risk of developing heart problems.

This was because his father died of heart disease at just 59.

For that reason, Bradley shared how turning 60 had felt like a “milestone”, as his dad had not reached that age.

Speaking in 2019, he told The Sun: “I had it in the back of my mind that I just had to get past my dad’s age. So, turning 60 was a bit of milestone.”

Bradley went on to unveil how he cut out fatty foods and alcohol to try to improve his health and, consequently, lose weight.

He said: “I was a time bomb. I produce too much cholesterol. It’s a silent killer.

“My heart guy said, ‘look, Brad, you need to get fit’.”

The presenter continued: “I stopped drinking immediately because of all the hidden sugars, started eating more fruit, vegetables, salads, and fish.

“I’ve stopped eating cakes, breads, pasta, and we got a puppy, a Shiba Inu called Lulu – not after the singer – which has been brilliant because she’s got me out walking every day now.”

Vegetables and fish are two of the main ingredients in a Mediterranean diet – a diet that some experts have said is one of the healthiest on the planet.

Dr Michael Mosley is one of these experts, who has named the Mediterranean way of eating “one of the most effective ways to lose weight”.

It is no surprise that walking also helped Bradley lose weight. Walking just one hour each day may aid weight loss, according to Healthline.

Walking a mile burns approximately 100 calories, depending on one’s sex and weight.

One study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2012 measured the number of calories people of average fitness level burned after walking at a brisk pace of 3.2 miles per hour, compared to those running at a pace of six miles per hour for a mile.

Results showed that those walking burned an average of 90 calories per mile, while those running only burned 23 calories more, on average.

Bradley added that he realised he was “really quite big” during lockdown.

He said: “I thought, ‘oh crikey, I’m going to be bang in trouble here if I don’t lose the weight and start dealing with this’.

“I decided to get consciously stuck in. So, touch wood, I will be okay.”

As well as walking and watching his diet, Bradley also started boxing to lose weight.

Speaking to fellow guest Kevin Bridges on The Jonathan Ross Christmas Show in December 2020, he said: “I’m back boxing training now. Full time. I’ve done about a stone and a half in weight.”

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