Courtney Black: PT shares how to find best diet plan for you – ‘revolutionary’ expert tips

Working from home: Performance coach provides exercise tips

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Courtney Black began her own fitness journey around five years ago when she properly began training. Since then, she has built a legion of fans and will often share her favourite tips on staying fit and healthy.

When she first started training, the fitness guru explained her focus was on achieving aesthetic goals.

However, this soon changed as she started to focus on her health and how she felt more than her appearances.

“I’ve been properly training and I’ve been a personal trainer for five years,” she told

“I’d personally say for the first couple of years that I wasn’t the best. When you start doing it yourself all you worry about is your looks.

“When I first started my fitness journey it was just for appearance rather than actual mental health and feeling good and feeling fit and alive.

“[Before] I was under-eating, over-training and wasn’t doing anything beneficial for my body, and the moment that light bulb switches and you start actually doing things it all falls into place.

“You start feeling better, you actually look better than you did before, eating more so you’ve got more energy, sleeping more because sleep is really important. People don’t focus on the fundamentals enough of being fit.”

When trying to stay fit, Courtney explained there needs to be a balance between getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and eating the right foods.

What diet plan should you use?

While there are lots of diets out there, the personal trainer shared her own advice for finding the right plan.

Courtney explained people must eat a balanced diet and ensure they do not under eat.

In fact, eating more helped the fitness star to look and feel fitter.

She stated: “Don’t under eat. I feel like I did it for so many years. I under ate and I looked not as good as what I do now, I didn’t feel as good as I do now.

“I feel diet culture is so toxic. It’s drummed into our heads for years we need a certain amount of calories. When I was younger, I thought I needed 800 to 1,000 calories. The normal woman needs around 2,000 calories.

“It sounds crazy that you’re even saying it but you need to eat protein, fats and carbs, and have a well balanced diet.”

To find out how many calories one should be eating, Courtney recommended: “Go online and there are so many accurate calculators. If you typed in ‘how many calories do I need?’ or ‘what do I need to eat for my goal?’ I guarantee the top ten results would be accurate.”

She also shared the importance of not being restrictive and cutting foods out when trying to stay healthy.

“I feel like my main fitness tip is to not cut out foods. Not to cut out chocolate, not cut out wine, not cut out anything like that,” Courtney said.

“Don’t feel like you need to wait until the weekend to have [a treat]. If you want to have a glass of wine on a Wednesday, then have a glass of wine on a Wednesday.

“If you wait until Friday or Saturday to do that you are more likely to have two or three bottles because you’ve waited so long and are annoyed you’ve had to wait.

“You feel frustrated and you feel like you have to binge. If you allow yourself small and regular treats then that’s the more important thing.”

Top recipe tips

She shared her favourite recipes and explained cooking healthy meals doesn’t need to take long.

Courtney added: “I love pasta dishes. I love chucking in some sort of seafood like prawns. It’s so easy to make, you can get frozen prawns, have pasta in the cupboard and all you need is a tin of tomatoes, maybe an onion and some spices.

“Chuck it all in a pan and it’s done. I love quick and easy 30 minute lasagne, just put it in the oven and when it’s done, it’s done.

“[I like] tray bakes. Just your meat, your vegetables, potatoes in a tray [with] a bit of tinned tomatoes. I think tinned tomatoes are just revolutionary.”

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