David Ginola weight loss: How ex-footballer keeps off the weight at 54

I'm A Celeb: David Ginola does push ups at the Clink

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David Gionla is one of this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! contestants. The former football was seen entering the Welsh castle last night, hoping he has what it takes to survive the treacherous conditions and be crowned King. Before he was announced as one of the series’ celebs, David admitted he was aiming to lose six kilograms after recently putting on weight. Tonight, he showed viewers some of the rigorous exercises he does daily to keep fit. 

Emmerdale star Danny Miller and former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips watched on as David worked out. 

The actor turned to Arlene and commented: “I think I’ve got a man crush.”

Arlene in the Telegraph said: “Whatever he does, it’s so strong. 

“And he’s so beautiful. And he does it all with this very calm, quiet, centred way. It’s a great visual, I’m quite enjoying it!” 

She then asked David: “What exercise do you now do? Daily? Weekly?”

David replied: “Daily 100-150 press ups, 200-300 sit ups… not too much, just enough.”

Press ups are beneficial for building upper body strength while sit ups help with core strength and stability. 

It comes after David said he doesn’t mind the strict camp diet they have to eat unless they win food through stars. 

He also revealed his hopes for being assigned the role of camp chef. 

I will be the chef in the camp,” David explained. 

“And rice and beans are perfect for me as I have put on six kilos over the past three months and I think it will be interesting to see if I can lose six kilos in three weeks.”

While the celebrities are on the show, they are given basic rations of beans and rice which equates to only 700 calories per day. 

Women are recommended 2,000 to eat, while men can eat 2,500.  

Should the camp not win any stars which will increase the amount of food they are given, many will lose weight consuming just 700 calories. 

Combine this with taking part in some of the arduous tasks and previous contestants have dropped several dress sizes. 

It was previously reported that “the food in camp [is] carefully worked out by nutritionists” 

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This is to ensure “campmates are getting enough calories in the cold so they don’t burn through it and grind to a halt – which could be possible with the expected huge drop in temperature in Wales”. 

In terms of what additional extras the campmates can win, it seems producers are “keen to celebrate British delicacies”. 

“From rough and ready tripe and trotters to traditions, like Black Pudding and rich, Welsh lamb, which non veggie contestants will found mouth-watering after starving on rations for weeks,” an unnamed source told The Sun. 

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