Davina McCall weight loss: How did she get six pack abs? Diet and fitness plan revealed

Davina McCall is TV presenter whose career has spanned nearly 30 years. As well as being known for hosting shows such as Big Brother and The Million Pound Drop, she has been vocal about her fitness journey. What does she do to stay in shape?


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Over the years, Davina has shown off her toned figure and spoken about what she does to stay fit.

The TV regular will often post about her exercise regime online and give a glimpse into how she keeps her washboard abs.

On Instagram, Davina has revealed she is a keen runner and has taken on races, ultra triathlons and marathons.

Posting a picture of her running, she said: “Boxing Day run I have a goal to reach . Giving myself till end jan …. #ownyourgoals

“I’m going to elaborate as lots of u asking what my goal is. 10k by Feb (sic).”

The TV star will regularly share pictures and videos of her running online.

In 2018, Davina appeared on This Morning where she was asked how she got her six pack abs.

She told presenters: “It has a lot to do with your body shape.

“I am lucky in that I have a good stomach but I always struggle with my bum and my thighs.

“That is the area that I’m always trying to look after and tone.”

The TV host revealed she has recently been working with a personal trainer who had helped her shake up her routine.

She added: “She does barre, pilates, boxing – she does a blend of everything.”


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The mum-of-three has given another look into her fitness plan by releasing a range of fitness DVD’s designed to help slimmers get fit at home.

She said: “The great thing is, there are no trainers needed. You can use a chair or a work surface.

“I do use a ball in the ab exercises but you can use a pillow.”

As well as staying toned with exercise, Davina has opened up about the foods she will eat.

The fitness fanatic explained she cut sugar out of her diet and will try to stick to water instead of fizzy drinks.

The presenter also explained she will eat a protein rich diet including foods such as eggs, fish, fruits and vegetables.

Davina will stay full by snacking on nuts, hummus and cooked prawns.

To keep her flat abs, she explained she will eat “smart carbs” such as sweet potato or wholegrain bread.

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