Diet plan: Best weight loss meals to add to your plan in January

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Losing weight is as much about adding to your diet as it is taking away, according to diet experts. Adding more beneficial foods to your diet will boost your health in numerous ways.

Clarissa Lenherr is a nutritionist and a certified member of The British Association of Nutritionists.

She has helped hundreds of clients with their health, offering consulting packages, including a weight loss package.

The expert has suggested a number of meals to add to your breakfast, lunch and dinner rotations.

She has warned against fad diets, instead making dieting “sustainable and enjoyable.”

What meals does she suggests adding to your diet?

Weight loss meals

Weight loss breakfast meals

  • Omelettes
  • Yogurt breakfast bowls

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Weight loss lunch meals

  • Hearty salads
  • Soups with protein i.e chicken or beans

Weight loss dinner meals

  • Stir fry’s with chicken/tofu/seafood and include brown rice/wholemeal noodles
  • Chicken and Mediterranean veg traybake

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Clarissa explained: “Aim for well balanced meals at every opportunity.

“Your plate should be quarter protein, quarter complex carbohydrates, half vegetables and add on one or two tablespoons of fat.

“That sets you up for the right macro intake without restriction.

“Make sure you are getting enough protein, as this macro group helps keep us full and satiated, so we are less likely to snack.”

She also recommended eating foods beneficial to the gut.

Clarissa said: “Consume gut-healthy foods – our gut bacteria contribute to cravings and even weight management.

“Make sure to look after them by eating foods that keep them happy.

“Add in fermented foods such as live yogurt, kefir or kombucha and spotlight prebiotic fibres such as Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus, garlic and onion.”

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