Duchess Sophie’s ‘strict exercise regimen’ bonds her with Zara Tindall

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Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, 58, lives in Bagshot Park in the Surrey countryside where she likely lives a very active lifestyle. Over the years as a working royal, the Duchess has been seen cycling, playing sports and eating a very healthy diet.

Emer Delaney, a specialist dietitian from My Private Diet, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to provide some insight into the diet programme that Sophie follows.

She claimed: “It’s said that Sophie leads a very healthy lifestyle and enjoys eating plant-based foods along with organic vegetables and fruit.

“Fish, salads and lean protein are regularly included in her meals.”

The expert also went some way to explaining how Sophie keeps her lean figure at the age of 58, and it’s an exercise that bonds the Duchess with her husband’s niece, Zara Tindall.

Emer opined: “Exercise and a healthy diet feature highly as Sophie is a keen equestrian and follows a strict exercise regimen including cycling and running.

“A diet inclusive of lean protein, vegetables, fish, salads and fruits along with plenty of water, helps Sophie maintain her lean figure.”

Sophie was seen horse riding on the grounds of Windsor Castle in 2020, which surprised fans as the Duchess is not the most known royal for horse riding.

On the other hand, Princess Anne and her daughter Zara both competed in the Olympics as professional equestrians.

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The expert explained whether the Duchess of Edinburgh is known for excelling in any other specific exercises.

Emer suggested: “Yes, Sophie is a very keen equestrian and enjoys regular cycling and running activities.

“It’s said she regularly manages running three miles a week.”

For someone who leads a busy schedule, Sophie manages to keep very fit and healthy. Emer explained to Express.co.uk how this is possible.

She added: “It’s all about prioritising time. We all have busy lives and prioritise what’s important to us.

“Making time to eat healthily and stay active can be included in most people’s daily schedules.

“It’s important to remember that eating healthily doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s definitely achievable even if you’re on a budget.”

Sophie has two teenage children, but does manage to keep a very active lifestyle for herself.

She is an avid cyclist and often takes part in cycling for a charity, such as the 450-mile Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge from Edinburgh to London in 2016 to support Vision Foundation.

The Duchess of Edinburgh has also been known to love partaking in skiing and horse riding.

Sophie and Edward raised Lady Louise Windsor, 19, and James, Earl of Wessex, 15, at Bagshot Park near the royal Windsor estate.

The royal couple recently received a promotion in titles from King Charles III, as they are no longer styled as the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

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