Ed Sheeran weight loss: Singer lost 4st by halving portions & cutting one thing from diet

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Ed Sheeran has spoken about his weight loss journey in the past, citing cruel internet trolls for one of the reasons why he decided to lose weight. In a recent podcast interview, the singer unveiled how he put on so much weight and how he continues to keep off the pounds now.

Back in 2019, Ed shared why he decided to change his lifestyle and lose weight, saying keyboard warriors called him “chunky” and “fat”.

It was so bad that he quit Twitter in 2017.

Speaking on the Behind the Medal podcast two years afterward, he said: “I never had insecurities and people pointed them out – your brain starts thinking about them.

“It all stems from other people’s insecurities. So many people have things they’re insecure about so it makes them feel better to point out someone else’s.

“Because half the people that would point out that I’m fat are probably fat themselves.”

Before his last world tour in 2019, Ed decided to lose weight with the support of his new wife Cheryl.

He said: “My problem was I’d go to the pub, have bangers and mash, a pie, maybe a pudding and then loads of pints. And then not exercise.

“My friends used to call me Two Dinners Teddy. On tour, it’s very easy to drink every single day because there’s always someone visiting.

“I had to make a real effort on the tour. I’m 12st now. I started running. I’ve got into cycling as well.”

Quitting beer and doing regular exercise led to Ed losing a whopping four stone.

This week, Ed has revealed more about his weight loss journey, admitting to eating large portions in the US, which he no longer does.

Today, when he travels to the country, he asks for his portions to be “halved”, according to the singer.

Speaking to Ed Gamble and James Acaster on the Off Menu podcast this week, the Castle on the Hill singer said: “I used to be a pizza and chips man and that’s all I ate but when I started travelling the world my thing of it was if a whole culture goes ‘this is our thing’ and ‘we love it’ then I’m going to give it a go because when you go into any restaurant and there’s a chef there and they specialise in something it must be good.”

Reminiscing about his time in America, he added: “I was 22 and on tour with Taylor Swift and she had invited my family to go and stay with her. She had invited us to her place in Rhode Island and so we got there, and she said there’s this great little ice cream place in the town.

“We went there, and they had this ice cream eating competition called the Big Kahuna Challenge and at this point, I was like I can do this, I know I can do this, and it was something crazy like two litres of ice cream and I was like I can do that.

“I’m there with Taylor and my brother and they bring this ice cream out but you have to add toppings and I stupidly said gummy bears, which are going to fill you up so I start eating this thing and I get halfway through and go ‘I am killing this’ and because it’s Taylor lots of fans started turning up so in the end there are 20 to 30 young girls going ‘you can do it Ed!’

“I get to three quarters and I start shivering and I’m like man this is actually really fed up and I’m there shivering, and I have one and a half litres of ice cream in me with these gummy bears but I’ve got the pressure of these kids watching me and Taylor is playing Eye of the Tiger.

“My brother still says to this day, and I’ve had a lot of achievements in my life, my brother still says the proudest he’s ever been is when I finished the Big Kahuna Challenge.

“I finish it and everyone’s like ‘yay!’ and I say I need to go to the toilet and when I say I projectile vomited out of my nose, ice cream, and its chocolate ice cream and it goes all over the floor of the toilet.

“And I’m like there are 20 kids in here and they’re going to think I s*** all over the floor, then I had to clean it up.”

Ed Sheeran’s latest album, =, will be released later this month.

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