Ed Sheeran weight loss: Singer’s ‘clean’ lifestyle after 5st transformation – ‘I love it’

Ed Sheeran says he 'likes to sing' to daughter Lyra

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After the coronavirus pandemic hits, Ed Sheeran, 30, made some physical changes in his life and now, he feels better than ever. The Grammy Award winning singer admitted the weight loss “just happened” after cutting out these habits from his daily routine.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, Sheeran explained how the pandemic forced him into a better lifestyle.

“It’s the first time I’ve been really healthy,” he beamed.

“I’ve kind of stopped all the bad habit stuff in my life.

“Started exercising every day. I was eating like a takeaway every single day, and now I don’t eat takeaway every single day and it’s been good.”

The ‘I Don’t Care’ singer revealed after he got back from his Mathematics tour, he really began to focus on his health.

“It just happened,” he chuckled.

“And because I wasn’t having chicken wings and two bottles of wine a night!”

Sheeran revealed previously that his weight had ballooned to 15 stone but in a bid to accomplish his health goals, he took up running and quit smoking.

The ‘Perfect’ singer told the Medal podcast in December 2019: “I stopped smoking three years ago and then ever since then started exercising, I love it!” he said at the time.

He went on to detail his exercise routine consisted of 45 minutes of running in the morning and then he sometimes added swimming and sit-ups to challenge himself.

“I started doing it because when I stopped smoking, I was very aware that my lungs were so full of s**t that I needed to clear them out,” he admitted.

“Gyms are good but there’s nothing like fresh air to really give you a clean out.

“That’s, for me, the main reason why I started doing it.”

But since he welcomed his daughter Lyra Antarctica in August 2020 with wife Cherry Seaborn, he explained that she was now the “biggest motivation” for him to “detox his life”.

He explained: “I stopped three months before Lyra was born because I was determined I was going to be the person to drive my wife to the ­hospital.

“I was 15-and-a-half stone at my peak and I think I’m 10-and-a-half now – I was big, it really showed.”

Sheeran used to have a 36 inch waist, and dropped down to 28 inches.

He now proudly leads a “clean lifestyle” but not a strict one, occasionally having a drink to celebrate.

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