‘Essential ingredient’ you need to consume daily to lose weight – ‘speeds up metabolism’

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Weight loss needn’t be the result of extreme diets, and excessive exercise, just small easy changes can see you dropping pounds in no time. Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Laura Belshaw at MuscleFood.com about protein, and how it is an “essential ingredient” for a weight loss diet. 

Laura explained what someone needs to do to lose weight: “The simplest way to explain how to lose weight is to eat less and move more. 

“Weight loss is not about starving yourself. It’s about eating three healthy, balanced meals a day, enjoying snacks to keep the hunger pangs at bay and not denying yourself the foods you really love.

“Our Goal Getters plan includes the high protein foods you’d expect when losing weight like chicken and rice, but also includes pizza, burgers, crisps and other tasty snacks.”

As for how protein plays a part in someone losing weight, the expert added: “Protein isn’t just important for weight loss – it’s one of the essential ingredients in leading a healthy lifestyle. Protein leaves you feeling fuller for longer and it boosts your metabolism.

“For weight loss, it’s about the quantity of protein. If you can afford to buy more expensive, high-quality cuts of meat, then that’s great. 

“Our plans are geared towards helping people lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle at affordable prices.”

As for what protein sources people should include in their diet to lose weight, Laura said: “Foods rich in protein include chicken and turkey, lean beef, lamb and pork, eggs and dairy products including yoghurt and cheese.”

She also explained how much protein someone needs to eat to see results: “It all depends on your weight and activity levels. 

“As a rough guide, a woman will need to eat around 1.2 – 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. For a man, that figure is between 1.6 and 2.2 grams.” 

Laura also said how much weight someone loses depend on two things; “how much [they] have to lose” and “how committed they are”. 

“It’s better to lose weight slowly so around one to two pounds a week is about right,” she added. 

“Remember, this is a lifestyle change as well as an opportunity to lose weight so small changes are more likely to be sustainable in the long term.”

Musclefood.com has two plans to help people lose weight; Super Slimmer and Lean Machine. Laura revealed what they involve and how are they different. 

“Our Super Slimmer plan is tailored more to those looking to lose weight and create a sustainable relationship with food whereas our Lean Machine plan will help you to lose fat whilst building muscle which in turn creates a toned physique,” she said. 

“We always advise committing to your plan for at least 12 weeks to see optimum results. We’re all about sustainable approaches to weight loss or getting fitter so it’s easier to manage, you stay committed and don’t lose your results the minute you stop.”

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What about vegans and vegetarians? Laura commented: “We offer a range of vegan and vegetarian meals and snacks on both plans. 

“Meat isn’t the only source of protein and we incorporate alternative sources into our meals so even if you are having a vegetarian meal, you’re still receiving a great source of protein which in turn will help tackle hunger, serve great nutrients and help you on your journey to your goal.”

In terms of exercise, Laura explained: “Exercise is definitely helpful for weight loss and maintaining weight too. Exercise can increase metabolism and obviously the number of calories you burn in a day. 

“It doesn’t have to be a big gym session – simply going out for a walk, or doing some gentle exercise at home is a great way to start.”

About Muscle Food 

Online healthy food retailer MuscleFood.com launched in 2013 supplying quality fresh meat and healthy meals to customers across the UK. The retailer has created a niche selling its lean meats along with high-protein offerings including its easy-cook meals, prepped pots and snacks to fitness fans and health-conscious families and individuals.

To help ease the cost of living crisis, Musclefood has launched two budget hampers; the £45 Value Hamper with 5.2kg of meat and the £59 Value Hamper which has 7.3kg of meat. 

The £45 Value Hamper has enough meat to make 44 meals, costing less than £1.05 per portion. 

The £59 Value Hamper has up to 66 meals worth of protein, working out to be just under 90p per meal. 

Both come with an inspirational guide to help families come up with tasty, low-cost meals.

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