Exercise plan: Best full body workout to do at home during lockdown – full plan here

Following government coronavirus advice urging Britons to stay inside, many people will struggle to keep up their fitness routine. Gyms across the country have closed but that doesn’t mean dieters need to miss out on a workout. An expert shared the best exercise moves to stay fit and tone up at home.


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With more people working from home, staying fit can seem like a difficult task.

However, dieters do not need to go further than their own living rooms to get their heart rate up.

Katie Anderson, head of training at FLY LDN, shared her top tips on how to stay fit while at home.

She revealed the top five moves to work the whole body without leaving the house.

Best full body workout

Reverse lunge

Katie explained: “Start by standing with the feet hip distance apart. Step one leg behind you so that you create a triangle shape with your legs, then melt the knees down so they are at 90-degree angles.

“Reverse the action and keep repeating as you alternate legs. Ensure the torso is upright at all times and keep your front knee in line with your ankle.

“For a high impact cardio option add a jump, and for a strength option hold something heavy in each hand like a suitcase carry, or you could fill some shopping bags with tins of beans.”


She said: “Start by standing with the feet hip distance apart, soften the knees and hinge the hips back, keeping the weight in the heels until the thighs are almost horizontal to the floor, then drive back up to standing.

“Ensure the back is straight and the torso stays strong and engaged, and don’t let the knees go forward over the toes.

“For a high impact and cardio option, take it as a jump. For a strength option, hold something heavy such as large water bottle and cradle it into your chest.”

Chest Press/Shoulder Taps

“Start in four-point kneeling position on a mat or on the floor, with the hands a little wider than shoulder width apart,” Katie explained.

“Take the feet back to plank position or take the knees/shins back but keep them on the floor. Bend the elbows to lower the body down towards the floor, keeping the back straight and the shoulders away from the ears.


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“Push away from the floor and return to the starting position, then tap one hand to the opposite shoulder and repeat on the other side.

“Repeat everything again, taking care not to swing the hips as you tap the shoulders. This is a great exercise for the core and chest.”

Tricep Dips

The expert said: “Use a solid chair if you can, like a dining room chair or even a hard couch. If you don’t have access to a chair then the floor is just fine. Have the legs at 90 degrees with both feet on the floor or place them straight out so you are using more body weight.

“Keep the hands under the shoulders with the fingers facing towards your heels and the pressure in the heel of the hand. Depending on where your legs are, you will either be in reverse plank or reverse crab position.

“Bend the elbows back, activating the triceps on the back of the arms, then reverse the movement back to where you started. The lower and slower you go the harder it will feel.”


Katie added: “This is a core exercise that uses the rectus abdominal muscles and obliques. Start by lying flat on your back, interlacing the hands behind the head and allowing the head to cradle into the hands.

“Bring your core into flexion by lifting the shoulder blades off the ground. As you do this, bring the knees into tabletop position whilst keeping the lower back on the floor.

“Twist into your obliques by reaching one elbow to the opposite knee, as you do that extend the opposite leg out so it’s straight. Alternate on the other side and continue.

“To feel the burn, perform this exercise slowly and controlled, taking a two to four count hold at each side. To lift the heart rate, go quickly and continuously.”

The expert recommended doing each more for 45 seconds with a 15 second break.

Doing the workout four to eight times can get the heart rate up and help slimmers complete a full body workout at home.

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