Fergie shows off ‘full-leg workout’ after impressive weight loss

Fergie opens up about ‘phenomenal’ relationship with daughters

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Sarah Ferguson posted two cheerful photographs on Instagram of her riding a bicycle, suggesting the Duchess of York is a keen fan of cycling. These new photographs of Fergie, as she is affectionately known, could explain her ageless, slim figure.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie’s mother was dressed in a chic suit and hat, as opposed to cycling shorts which were loved by the late Princess Diana.

If the Duchess keeps up cycling regularly, this will do wonders for her health.

Similarly, @libbyc4 wrote: “Beautiful Duchess!”

Another royal watcher @agnieszkalaskowska_official posted: “Wonderful photos! What an energy!”

Royal fan @greedydelturner said: “Still looking hot xx”

Finally, @sarahlouise.davies commented: “Looking fabulous.”

David Wiener, a training specialist at the fitness app Freeletics explained: “Cycling is a great exercise which helps you tone your legs as you will be working your quadriceps when you pedal, which helps strengthen and tone your legs.


“You will also be working the hamstrings and calf muscles, which gives you a true full-leg workout.”

Bike experts at Leisure Lakes Bikes also point out that cycling is a good way to torch calories.

“Cycling is great for weight loss as it can make you break a sweat and burn some calories,” they said, before explaining that cycling can help support immunity and benefit brain function by stimulating endorphins.

“Cycling is a golden ticket to our ultimate health,” Leisure Lakes Bikes added. “It’s cheap, easy to engage in, and environmentally friendly.”

The Duchess has been very frank about the eating habits that led her to put on weight in the past.

On The Today Show in 2015, Sarah explained she was “addicted” to food before shaping up.

She said: “My addiction was food. I used it to suppress my feelings and therefore every time I went through something – a salacious lie the media might tell about me – I ate to compensate.

“I got to a point where I just couldn’t bear looking at myself any minute longer.

“I was 190 pounds a year ago and I was miserable.

“You look at the top of the mountain, you think you’re never going to get there.”

But the Duchess is a dedicated fan of Gianluca Mech’s ketogenic approach to weight loss.

She previously shared that Gianluca was the key to her healthy diet that also improved her sleep and fitness.

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