Gemma Collins weight loss: How TOWIE star lost three stone in incredible new pictures

Gemma Collins posted recent pictures on her Instagram looking slimmer after revealing she lost three stone. Weight loss guru Gillian McKeith left a comment in a picture that read: “I love this outfit. You look fabulous.”

“You’re looking lovely Gemma,” another said.

Under another post a commenter wrote: “She looks different she lost loads of weight.”

She also showed off new hair, leaving her extensions out for a short bob.

One said: “Love your short hair, much better without hair extensions, younger and classy.”

“Love the short hair very classy,” another said.

One wrote: “Love your hair it makes you look younger.”

The reality TV star has struggled with her weight in the past, documenting her journey.

She lost three stone recently, slimming down using Skinny Jabs.

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Speaking of the jabs in the past Gemma said: “These things do work, before I went away I was taking it every day and I did lose two stone.

“It’s fantastic, but like everything, don’t expect a miracle cure, you cannot inject a jab and then be eating burgers and chips and pizzas. You have to apply yourself.”

Gemma also makes sure to eat at home to stay slim.

She wrote on her Instagram: “I’ve been concentrating solely on my health recently and feel so much better because I have had TIME!!!!! Yes TIME !!! to focus on it.

“No eating out and having to cook from scratch.

“I do have Saturdays off to have whatever I want however use the next three weeks wisely, keep a positive mindset try and stick to routine in the week I find it helps.”

In the past Gemma has told This Morning viewers: “I’ve done every diet out there. There’s nothing I haven’t done.

“I was obsessed with food. And life revolved around food and eating. There was no brain space in my head for me not to think about food, it was a living nightmare.”

Another slimmer celebrity is The Beast from TV gameshow The Chase.

Mark Labbett’s weight loss has seen him lost five stone in total. 

He claimed his weight loss is down to battling coronavirus.

Mark has been on a mission to slim down to fight the disease ever since.

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