James Martin shares ‘key’ lifestyle change that helped him lose 2st – ‘Do it every day!’

James Martin tells Brian Turner to ‘stop talking’

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Working in the food industry, it is no surprise that James Martin’s weight has fluctuated over the years. At one time, he lost five stone, but then battled to keep it off. More recently, the TV chef has lost 1.5 stone and believes it is not down to how much exercise you do, or what you eat, but rather what you drink.

Back in 2005, James competed in Strictly Come Dancing and lost five stone, but since then, his weight has fluctuated, and everyone else noticed. 

“I looked on social media and every comment was about me being fat,” he explained. 

“So I lost a stone and a half. And no doubt I’ll lose another stone on this tour.”

Having trained in French cooking, James loves decadent ingredients. 

During one of his tours, the chef joked: “If you want to do Weight Watchers this show probably isn’t for you!

“I have double cream, full fat milk, cheese and butter and that’s just for one of the side orders on this tour.

“But I like food. I’ve always been surrounded by food. I was brought up on a farm, I worked on a farm producing pigs.

“You have to understand food and I am seriously passionate about ingredients.”

Because of his passion for ingredients and creating delicious foods, the TV star focuses on what he drinks, swapping typically calorific fizzy drinks for water. 

“The way I lost weight is by cutting down soft drinks. I drink a lot of water, two litres every day. I still eat exactly the same,” James said. 

“Water is the key. As you get older, I realised I don’t need to go to the gym, I’m working [in the kitchen] all the time anyway.

“Water keeps your brain healthy and it keeps your skin healthy and it keeps your focused – it’s crazy when you give up soft drinks how much more your brain feels alive, it’s very weird.”

As a result, last year, James shared he had lost another two stone and 3lb, joking he needed to buy new clothes. 

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In terms of diet, James once revealed that “it’s not the butter consumption” that’s responsible for weight gain.

“It’s the ready-made food, it’s the packet food, the hidden salt, hidden fat – that’s the problem in this country,” he added. 

James did however comment: “Losing weight is a balance of everything, it’s getting off your arse and doing more and not eating less, but eating a variety of different things.

“I think a lot more so when people were locked down and bingeing on certain things.”

In terms of how much water you should aim to drink a day – to achieve weight loss or not – the NHS recommends six to eight glasses of fluid a day. 

Water, low-fat milk and sugar-free drinks, including tea and coffee, all count as ‘fluid’. 

Based on studies, drinking one to two litres of water a day should be “sufficient to help with weight loss”. 

Some diet experts suggest drinking a large glass of water before each meal to help with satiety – the feeling or state of being full. 

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